The advantages of installing a shower in the bathroom

In many homes there are still bathtubs as a bathroom element. These are seen as the ideal place to take a completely relaxing bath with foam and bath salts, although the reality is that in most cases the bathtubs are barely used for this purpose and in the end a use is sought more current.

If you are looking for greater comfort, space and even security when entering or leaving the bathroom space, the installation of a shower, in addition to that it will suppose a considerable saving of water with respect to the use of bathtub.

Advantages of installing a shower

One of the big questions when it comes to reforming a bathroom is whether to go for a bathtub or shower tray, taking into account the following advantages of installing a shower over a bathtub:

  • Virtual: In the case that you have a large bathroom you will have no problem installing neither a bathtub nor a shower, although in the case of small bathrooms, showers are the best option. This is due to the fact that the presence of shower trays enlarges the space, especially if a glass screen is used that allows a greater presence of light, being able to create a visually attractive space at the same time as functional.
  • Toilet time: Personal hygiene requires some time, but in today's society, the pace of life means that greater speed and practicality are sought. For busy people who do not have time to take a relaxing bath for a long time, the best option is a shower that allows you to wash properly and more comfortably.
  • Greater accessibilityd: In those homes where an elderly or physically challenged person lives, it is highly recommended to replace the bathtub with the shower tray, especially if you choose to place a fixed glass instead of a mamara. In this way these older people can enter and leave without so many difficulties to clean themselves, being able to place handles on the sides that will allow them to move in a safer way.
  • Saving water: A shower needs less water and energy consumption than a bathtub, although certain shower models, such as those that incorporate some systems such as pressurized water jets, can also spend a lot of water.

On the other hand, as inconveniences, only the smallest of the house can be mentioned, since for the children the bathtub may be more advisable so that they can enjoy the game while they bathe. However, it is an easily salvageable problem because there are plastic bathtubs that can be placed inside the shower and make this not a problem.

Considerations when installing a shower

When installing a shower At home, a number of considerations must be taken into account:

  • The measures to choose a suitable shower tray must be clear, there are different models with different dimensions to adapt to the needs of the decade person.
  • It is not an installation that requires a lot of work so in just a couple of days it will be ready.
  • When choosing the screen, you should choose whether it is preferred to be made of glass or acrylic, the latter being cheaper. The former are more resistant and continue to be transparent over time. You must also choose between a sliding or swinging door, the latter being the most recommended in places where there is not much space to offer a better seal and to be easier to clean.
  • When choosing a coating you can choose to be porcelain or microcement. The choice of one or the other will be determined by the tastes and economic possibilities of each person.

For all the advantages of installing a shower mentioned above, it is highly recommended to have one in your home. In the market there are a large number of options, of different brands and models such as those offered by Immex Products, Valencian manufacturer specialized in the shower sector.

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