Recessed ceiling shower: Feel the rain

Perhaps you have never tried it and it might be time to do it. Have a built-in shower ceiling with rain effect, also called Rain showerIt is a very important option to consider during the renovation of any home. We are sure that if the tests you will not choose a conventional shower again. This is due to different reasons that we develop throughout this article.

Undoubtedly, a roof shower of this type is a very serious option to value both in new constructions and in the renovation of constructions with a certain age, showers that are very attractive aesthetically but also in the functional aspect.

This type of built-in shower It offers a unique sensation, and although it may seem that it does not have to be a sensation very different from that of an artichoke attached to the wall, the reality is that it is appreciated differently, something that is determined by the water falling vertically and with a lower pressure, as if it were rainwater.

HR Rain showers recessed offer a very elegant solution and the only drawback we can find is the height at which to place it, because if the false ceiling is too low, models that do not hang too much must be installed. However, you can also find this type of shower that can be seen with the naked eye, which are cheaper and easier to install than the built-in showers, although its aesthetics are not as good as those that are.

Advantages of using a recessed ceiling shower instead of a bathtub

Using a recessed ceiling shower instead of having a conventional bathtub has numerous advantages, which we detail below:

  • Greater practicality: A bathtub may be the option that many people prefer if they have enough time to be able to soak for long periods of time and relax, although the shower offers greater practicality and is the best option for all those people who have many tasks or Little time for grooming. The built-in shower It is ideal to be able to clean at any time and in a matter of minutes, or if you want to also spend a relaxing time taking advantage of the Rain showers And your special feeling.
  • Saving water: A good bathroom needs a lot of liters of water (it is estimated that about 250 liters) while a shower is enough with 50 liters, which means a huge saving for the user.
  • Takes up less space: If there is a small space in the home it is always better to bet on a ceiling shower, which will not require too much space to be installed. They also give a greater sense of spaciousness, especially in those cases where a glass screen is used.
  • Greater accessibility for the elderly: have one ceiling shower In your home it is a great help for those older people who have to clean themselves, since they will not face important obstacles such as those with bathtubs. This way they can enter and exit without any problem.
  • Best design: Beyond all the functional issues indicated in this article, the aesthetic aspect offered by the roof showers, much more elegant and modern. Immex Products It is a Valencian manufacturer that has high quality recessed solutions and that have a great visual impact.

How can you see having built-in showers Ceiling is a perfect option for anyone who is doing a home renovation or is carrying out a new construction. A rain shower with ceiling effect offers an unbeatable feeling, a modern and elegant aesthetic design, and a lot of advantages in terms of saving water, space, practicality ...

In the market there are a large number of manufacturers and models so that each person can choose the shower that best suits their needs and structural requirements. Without a doubt, showers are the best option for any bathroom, whether it is a large size or a small bathroom.

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