About us


All our products are medium-high range, always using the best raw materials found on the market, such as top quality brass or s.304 and s.316 steel, which have made us have representation in the national and international territory. .

Our company, located in Picassent (València), began its journey in the year 2001, with a model catalog of bath and shower that we have increased, adapted and enriched until today, managing to satisfy exhibitor distributors throughout the national territory.

The main pillar in which our continuous growth is developed is the fabulous price-quality ratio of our items, one of the best in the market. Our dedication to the client and commitment to the service do the rest.


In IMEX we have been working and developing our taps for a lifetime, offering maximum expression in all our products.

Own Factory

En IMEX We create our own molds allowing us to create and manufacture our own products


For us it is very important to develop, evolve, advance ... for this we have a research and development (R&D) department that is always up to date, developing our own cartridges and exclusive designs.

A great team

One of the most important success factors is the work team that we have. Our professionals have been selected for their aptitude, involvement and commitment, this is equivalent to a perfect operation of the company and great satisfaction for our clients.


We not only sell in national territory, since we are a large company with a presence in Europe, in countries such as Portugal, Holland, Greece, Italy and France. Also in others such as Algeria, Morocco, Senegal and Libya. Thanks to this expansion we have made IMEX an important reference within the sector.

Technical Assistance Service:

We have a technical assistance service (Technical Assistance Service) department to answer any questions our clients may have. We are very committed to the quality and service of both our products and our human resources.

Deal Excellence

We have a strict commitment to transmit a positive attitude towards our clients, guaranteeing excellent treatment to anyone who contacts us.

5 year warranty on bathroom and kitchen faucets

ACS quality certificate for shower bars

CNAS certificate for bathroom and kitchen faucets

IAF quality certificate for bathroom and kitchen faucets

Our Values

In the design department we work on 3D plans all our bathroom and kitchen faucet products, producing a variety of our own models and also introducing new technologies.

In the quality department, it improves the products until a high reliability finish is achieved, both in the chrome and in the internal parts of the products.

Our products have a 5-year faucet certificate, both in the bathroom and in the kitchen, for models manufactured as of 2019, due to their high quality in chrome plating and their purity in the steel and brass that we use. We are also supported by the ACS and PUUV certification that we have obtained in all our products.
We carry out rigorous testing of our products, so that they comply with European safety regulations, thus guaranteeing customer peace of mind.
We work to offer the best value for money in the market to obtain a very competitive product.

Delivery commitment, we work very hard to offer a delivery service to all our customers in 24-48 hours.

The environment is also very important for us, that's why our shower products have extra-flat aerators and sprinklers, which allows savings in water consumption around 9%. In addition, all our packaging is made of recycled cardboard.

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